A Writer Should Know These Facts

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Wondering how to become a professional writer? Want to get some simple tips but effective, to help you write more coherent and compelling?

If you answered yes to both questions, then this is the right article for you.

Frankly, I would have really wanted someone to give me this advice when I just started writing. I would definitely gain a lot of knowledge in a short time.



You will see it is easy to write well, if you apply the following tips which I will provide:

1. Examine in detail the subject that you write

You need to be interested to provide the best information. It must be accurate, fair and above all true.

This is possible if you examine in detail the subject you develop in writing. ALWAYS look to check your information from at least three sources. It is a rule inspired by journalistic ethics.

I recommend you to come, if what you write allows, with more than your perspective on a topic. Be careful not to fall into the other extreme, you do so much research for an article until you get in the situation of not writing it again.

3-4 different sources are sufficiently numerous to you to confirm or refute the information.

2. Give information that others would not give

Increasingly many writers (and bloggers) provides information which made ​​them gain notoriety or to build their reputation in the field. Basically give their secrets. It is a very bold step and is highly productive for you.

To reveal your secrets it is probably the biggest step in the road to maturity of an author. Why? Because it automatically exposes its competition and competitors strategies.

It is a courageous step that if you do it might bring you many, even very many readers, but it also might bring you very many enemies and competitors, so be careful.

I recommend that you begin to “tell your secrets” when you’ve already improved writing and have an audience, who knows you very well and would be fair.

3. Format your text

I think that the biggest mistake that you can do as a writer is you do not care about text formatting. Yes, you can write incredibly well, and the world would read.

But it is recommended to raise the chance that someone else to read you depositing less effort for formatting text that you just put down on paper or in digital format.

If you want to see how it feels to read a article poorly formatted, copy all the text of this article, take sections and spaces between paragraphs and try to read the text. It is tedious and difficult to read.

4. Speak from personal experience

Nothing gives authenticity and power of a text more than your own experience.

Anyone can make a summary of several articles on the same theme in order to write an article, but there are few people who can speak from personal experience about their real experience on the developed subject.

Do not fall into the trap of demagogy and to preach without practice even 1 minute. The world does not need another N people talk about things without having any experience on them. We need people that speak from experience, which can give us good advice.

5.  Simplify your way of writing

  • Use fewer figures of speech
  • Use fewer adjectives
  • Use synonyms for complicated words, to make the text easier to understand
  • Use examples and analogies from everyday life
  • Explains in simple terms [where you can] certain techniques and strategies that you present

6. Write every day how much you can

A good writer, whether blogging, or writing on Facebook, write as much as he can per day. I recommend that you write every day or as often as possible.

As a tip: I recommend that you practice writing every day, at least 20 minutes per day.

Come to think and estimate, it would get at least 40 minutes to write an article this long, well structured and formatted.

If you practice often writing, words will find they way to you easier and you become more inspired. Follow at least 3 of these tips and I guarantee that people will start to compliment you on your progress.

13 Recommended methods of copy writing

Straightforward copy – text written in a simple and logical, unpretentious style, poetry or rhetoric, that shows the advantages of the product or service in question;

Story copy – text that tells a story whose moral is, logically, “buy this product”;

You and me” copy – text which directly addresses the potential customer in a friendly, conversational way;

Imaginative copy – text describing a hypothetical situation, to highlight the qualities of the product/services provided;

Factual copy – in the words of Caples: ads that have the most specific information bring the most sales;

Facts-plus-style copy – text with factual information, but written with style, premium products;

Forthright copy – text that shows the advantages and disadvantages of a product but, for greater credibility;

Superlative copy – laudatory text, but effective if supported by factual information;

Signed copy – text signed by the CEO of the company that advertises the product, or celebrity that support product customization and credibility;

Title copy – sometimes the title (or a list of titles) is all you need for an advertisement, especially for a number of products (eg books);

Teaser copy – text that is a challenge for the reader to awaken curiosity and seemed a direct attempt to sell a product/ service;

News page copy – text that at first glance seems an editorial material but is a paid advertisement (and marked as such readers);

Competitive copy – text which compare the quality and prices of two or more products to showcase the benefits of the product to which advertises (eg, lower prices, more benefits)

Some resources which i recommend:

If you want to get listed over here, just email me with your source. I love to add more and more resources.

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