Things needed to be considered while selecting a Web Host

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After going through all those web hosting services, don’t you think something is fishy? Most web hosting services show up that they have a 99.99% uptime. Well, actually if you think uptime means the time for which your site is up, then you are mistaken my friend.

There are a couple of ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ to this charismatic as well as competitive arena of Web Hosts. And, believe me, the story of ‘buts and ifs’ do not run through the veins of ‘99% uptime’ only, but also through every highlighted feature that web hosting companies mention.

The Price Factor

web hosting price

If you think, the cheapest web hosting service will really be cost-effective, you are doing a mistake. Most web hosting companies promise a 99% uptime, unlimited resources and unlimited bandwidth. But, there are trails to these which are mostly never mentioned. A hosting service costs money to put its servers online, take storage space to redundancy levels and install quality hardware. Under 99.99% circumstances you would see that web hosts provide you a cheap price for the first service agreement. Once you move to renew a web hosting service, it would charge you almost double the price you paid for the first time. Now, moving from one web host to another every year is not feasible as compatibility, speed and moving database, files and integrating the same takes technical expertise. It also puts your website through a considerable downtime.

Area of Expertise


There are web hosts which cater better to enterprises and a simple tech blog would cannot revive most of its offerings. Before you buy a web hosts, carefully go through its reviews available online. Check for the current package you are about to buy and also go through its upgraded packages as you never know when your website meets a lot of audience and would be in need of purely unlimited bandwidth.

Limitations that are not mentioned

server speed

Spend some time and get to know exactly what would be the maximum stuffs that your website would cater to. If you are going to have a site with rich content, processing power and RAM would be a very important factor. A shared hosting server cannot deliver you that amount of quotient and most of the time you would be facing load issues and downtime. Nothing, comes for free. So, when you are going to make a backup of your site, you may even be charged for that. There have been scenarios where whole websites have vanished into thin air because servers did not have redundancy.

Tech support

web hosting tech support

This is the biggest part of all. When you buy a web hosting you may notice that the pre-sales team might be extra helping. They are the ones that walk that extra mile just go get you into their business expansion process. Once, you have paid for the web hosting, you may find none to help but just echoes of your own voice. If your site goes down one fine day, would there be a person whom you could call up and speak to? Ramming your head onto the wall or sending emails day after day without any response would be the darkest clutches of a web hosting provider you may enter into. So, before you buy a web hosting service, check for their technical support they provide. Over the call support and chat should be one of the must have parts when you buy a web hosting service.

It may be hard to find the right web hosting service for your needs at the first time, as one specifically goes for cheap hosting services in the beginning and then rise up the ladder. But, whichever way you follow, we may be of help. Just let us know your requirements in the comments section below and we would get back to you suggesting the best.

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Selecting a web hosting company

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